Middle of Nowhere Productions

Middle of Nowhere Productions


Original Music

The Let Song (Gaillardon / Hardy) Version 2

Kashkazi (Gaillardon / Hardy)

The Strand Jackal (Gaillardon/Hardy)

Mayday (Gaillardon/Hardy)

No, Honey (Delahaye/Hardy)

Who Cares (Gaillardon/Hardy)

Faith in You (Gaillardon/Hardy)

To Peter (Gaillardon/Hardy)

Honbasho (Gaillardon/Hardy)

The Watcher (Gaillardon/Hardy)

Cellular (Gaillardon/Hardy)

The Let Song (Gaillardon/Hardy).

Essays on Literature

"Hunger Strike" (Colum McCann) Notes

"Hunger Strike", Everything in this Country Must (Colum McCann)

Alphabetville (Jerome Charyn) Notes

Falling Man (Don DeLillo) Extract.

"I Have a Dream". Commentary.

Swift's A Modest Proposal. Notes

John Donne / The Canonization./ Com.

Gatsby ch.3

Joyce. Dubliners. Two gallants

Joyce. Dubliners. The sisters

Joyce. Dubliners. The dead 1

Joyce. Dubliners. The boarding house

Joyce. Dubliners. Counterparts

Joyce. Dubliners. Clay

Joyce. Dubliners. A painful case

Milton. Paradise Lost.

John Donne. The Canonization

My bibliography

Bibliography etc.

Hugh Masakela: Stimela.

John Lennon: Working Class hero.