Middle of Nowhere Productions

Middle of Nowhere Productions

The Watcher (Gaillardon/Hardy)


The watcher


Please go to sleep now, I’d like to watch you

Peaceful and loose-haired, just busy breathing

With your hand a-twitching, your eyes closed and a-remming

Your night is my sacred land, it is time for the taboo


Please go to sleep now, I’d like to feel you

Soft and warm as you slumber, hardly moving

Your feet stirring as a cat’s, your thighs secretly grinding

Your night is my holy ground, it is time for the voodoo


Please go to sleep now, I’d like to hear you

Mumbling words in your dreams, sometimes cursing

Mouthing pleasures unremembered, old lovers faintly unfurling

Your night is my naked skin, it is time for the tattoo


And forgive me if I never sleep

For I have much better things to do

Just creep into your tent and peep

For all I want is watching you


Le tue sogni sono un letto di seta,

Le palpebre della notte,

Il fazzoletto nero del sonno.

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