Middle of Nowhere Productions

Middle of Nowhere Productions

Cellular (Gaillardon/Hardy)




It is hard to hold on the line without the twisted cable

That spiral cord lovers would hang themselves with

It is harder still for my brain to find a rhyme with with

While my silent cell phone is making me unstable


I’m waiting for that thing soon to vibrate

And chirp the notes I chose for my phony queen

To come to life and flash your photo on the tactile screen

The liquid crystals starting to scintillate


I fear your battery is as extinct as the dodo

That you have talked so much you have run out of units

Maybe you are busy shaving your armpits

While my silent phone is turning me into a weirdo


Why don’t you ring

Why don’t you ring

Get on line and press the keys

Why won’t you ring

Why won’t you ring

Get on line and phone me please

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