Middle of Nowhere Productions

Middle of Nowhere Productions

Mayday (Gaillardon/Hardy)




Have I only got eyes to see you as you are

And feel your solid transparence swaying in the air

The closest I can get is forever too far

Always afraid to lose you, always eager to care


Have I told you your breast was a cool dawn in May

Your other breast the sunset in a tadpole’s eye

Have I told you your voice was the wings of a stingray

Your thighs of soft laughter those of a butterfly


Have I bitten my tongue enough for you to perceive

The crackling words I know would scare you away

All my life, all my death are in the traces you leave

And I’d be sorry to think what I can’t even say


And my hands without you would turn into blank pages

And my breath without you would wither into dry clay

Yes my hands without you would writhe into dark rages

Yes my breath without you would fade into a mayday, mayday, mayday…


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