Middle of Nowhere Productions

Middle of Nowhere Productions

Honbasho (Gaillardon/Hardy)





A night with you, mini yokozuna

Your mawashi ready for a banzaï

Every gesture that of a samuraï

And for you-san I’m a little geisha


With me you're always granted shukunsho

I love the way  you say moshi-moshi

Your wasabi on my slice of sushi

Your ojigi when you enter my dohyo


O please whisper tora tora tora

And all I'll answer is yes, aligato

My ozeki, you've found the me-do

Atari-me, my mini maegashira


You're my tsunami, my sumotori

My Fujiyama, my komosubi

You're  my Oshiruko, my hatsuhaki

The one gaishishi to pass my torii


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