Middle of Nowhere Productions

Middle of Nowhere Productions

Ted Hughes: That Morning (From River).

That Morning




We came where the salmon were so many

So steady, so spaced, so far-aimed

On their inner map, England could add


Only the sooty twilight of South Yorkshire

Hung with the drumming drift of Lancasters

Till the world had seemed capsizing slowly.


Solemn to stand there in the pollen light

Waist-deep in wild salmon swaying massed

As from the hand of God. There the body


Separated, golden and imperishable,

From its doubting thought - a spirit-beacon

Lit by the power of the salmon


That came on, came on, and kept on coming

As if we flew slowly, their formations

Lifting us toward some dazzle of blessing


One wrong thought might darken. As if the fallen

World and salmon were over. As if these

Were the imperishable fish


That had let the world pass away -


There, in a mauve light of drifted lupins,

They hung in the cupped hands of mountains


Made of tingling atoms. It had happened.

Then for a sign that we were where we were

Two gold bears came down and swam like men


Beside us. And dived like children.

And stood in deep water as on a throne

Eating pierced salmon off their talons.


So we found the end of our journey.


So we stood, alive in the river of light

Among the creatures of light, creatures of light.





River (1983)

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