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Middle of Nowhere Productions

F.S.Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby (Epilogue) Notes.



Recreation of a new continent (paradoxical _> American romanticism) references to the particular « regional » characteristic of American writers. America more written than actually existing.


Everlasting presence of the virgin land. Cf theory of the inadequacy of science: the modification of what is being observed. Doom: what is virginal is, once only seen, already deflowered. Power of the eye: violation of the object controlled + immediate loss of control.


Dreams constantly degraded by greed (political and economic growth)


Craving for the moment before the moment (impossible) Prelapsarian dream/primeval forest/cf Emerson

Garden of Eden/Paradise lost


Opposes Whitman’s vision (song of the broad-axe: the axe leaps…the shape arises)


Gatsby as homo americanus




Nick as sole narrator, but multiplies modalisations (perhaps, probably, must have)


Passages from pluperfect to preterite


Erasing the graffiti: preserving the memory/assering himself as sole narrator/cleansing rite/revirgination of America prepared.


Importance of the moon. Female element/modification of perception


Dutch sailors, and not pilgrim fathers: mercantile element present


Virginity: flower/Daisy/lust=greed


Final alliteration blabber, bubble, an infant or a fool’s consonant.

Tenses mixed in the last lines -> no time, or interplay of time as timelessness.


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